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The CLEO Institute promotes and manages the CLEO Speakers Network (CSN), along with our CSN Volunteer Manager, Phil Chapman. While the goal of the CSN is to build teams of local climate speakers, it goes deeper than that. The CSN exists to build individual's speaking capacity to simplify climate science, seriousness, and solutions for the general public. We provide training (group & one-on-one), research-based techniques, and support for CLEO speakers. CLEO-certified climate speakers use credible science to shape their own climate messages, and take on as much or as little content as they wish when designing the scope of presentation they plan to make. 

Become a climate speaker today!

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Valencia Gunder, CLEO certified climate speaker, addresses a crowd at a Little Haiti Climate Town Hall


CLEO Speakers Network expectations

  • Attend scheduled CLEO workshops led by climate scientists, educators, and communicators to build capacity to discuss climate change

  • Speakers should be active members of the Speakers Network: attending meetings, scheduling one-on-one trainings with our CSN coach, Phil, and sharing opportunities/feedback

  • CLEO will assist and train participants in preparing for hosting/co-hosting climate change forums of their own choosing, small or large, formal or informal

  • Develop climate presentations/assemblies for interested audiences

  • Embrace the CLEO mission and vision, working with us to hone your message/delivery

  • Commit to becoming a climate change communicator and engagement facilitator



 Valencia Gunder adresses a crowd as a panelist for a climate change forum


Suggested Strategies

Establish forum parameters: Your bio, capacity, purpose, pledge to follow up

Choose your message: Extreme weather events, sea level rise, human footprint, food & water vulnerability, health impacts, etc

Create a toolkit of resources: Fact sheet, images, quotes, graphs, data, websites, etc

Create a toolkit of strategies: Personal anecdotes, using humor, focusing on the emotional aspect, optimism, etc

Be reasonably aware of audience: Learning styles, receptivity, biases, soft spots, point of interests, etc  


In small groups or in one-on-one trainings, CLEO aims to help concerned citizens own and publicly share their own piece of the climate change story. 

Become a climate speaker today!

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The CLEO Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that drives climate action through community education and engagement. 

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