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Climate Change 101 Training for City Employees

About the Training Program

Over time, CLEO has worked to refine and perfect a Climate Change 101 training program for municipal employees. The program provides all employees with baseline knowledge of climate science, seriousness, and solutions. Depending on the City's progress on climate resiliency planning and sustainability initiatives, CLEO works with the municipality to tailor the program to fit their needs. Lean more by reading reports from various city trainings below. 




Sessions, usually 2-3 hours, include:

(a) climate science, serious, and solutions, and 

(b) planning/sustainability module

The first section requires approximately two hours and includes interactive activities that help participants synthesize relevant information. The second session, as needed, caters to the city and can range from a sustainability module presented by city representatives to a faciliatated open strategy discussion. 



  • Provide employees with baseline knowledge of climate change issues
  • Promote awareness of the impacts of a changing climate on daily life at work and at home
  • Give context and/or build momentum for climate resiliency planning in the city


FLL Climate Training CLEO and Broward 06302015



municipalities trained by cleo:

City of Ft. Lauderdale

City of miami beach

miami shores

City of West Palm Beach

town of surfside

village of pinecrest

wilton manors


Sample Feedback

  • "Loved it! Extremely informative, engaging, good balance of technical facts and resources. Feeling more motivated!"
  • "I really enjoyed the siplicity of the presentation. The presenters brought a confusing topic down to an understandable level for the audience."
  • "Very relevant, pratical course. Well done, Ft. Lauderdale! Game Changer!"                                   


 miami beach survey

Survey taken from Miami Beach employee training

  miami shores survey

Survey taken from Miami Shores employee training


* CLEO works with a municipality point of contact to tailor the program and identify set-up needs. Following trainings, CLEO presents a final report including summary of feedack surveys. 

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The CLEO Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that drives climate action through community education and engagement. 

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