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Our mission: To promote an informed and engaged public that supports climate action locally, regionally, nationally, and globally

Our vision: A world in which all people, governments, and organizations are informed, engaged, and taking action on critical climate issues




The CLEO Institute supports the overwhelming consensus of climate scientists who recognize climate change and resulting disruptions as THE defining environmental issues of our time. Thus, CLEO’s goal is to create an informed and engaged public that is more willing to make changes and support climate resilience efforts locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Founded in 2010, CLEO began operations in 2011. CLEO stands for Climate Leadership Engagement Opportunities, and we provide these opportunities to individuals, schools, businesses, community organizations, and elected leaders. This allows everyone to better understand the science of climate change, the dangers and significant disruptions that climate change imposes, and promising efforts and potential solutions that need public support.


Although organizations and government agencies have developed formal curricula on the issue, there are many segments of society that are either unwilling or unable to access information on climate science. Thus, there must be an alternative forum in which the public can be educated and engaged on the issue. CLEO provides just that.


Through varied activities, events, and trainings, CLEO promotes a combination of structured, interactive, and open-ended social-learning opportunities. We establish numerous entry points for the public to participate voluntarily and we applaud their participation at every level. Our work encourages diverse, interdisciplinary audiences to engage in being a part of the conversation and the solution. 



CLEO’s efforts and initiatives: 

  • Bring together scientists and students, as well as elected, business, and community leaders, and the public at large, to promote a climate-ready future;

  • Include formal and informal trainings, events, and forums to bridge the divide between science and society on this urgent issue;

  • Drive the issue across boundaries – from classrooms and town halls to the halls of Congress –because climate change challenges require commitment, creativity and ingenuity from all of us; and

  • Provide our community, business, and elected leaders the needed support of a well-informed public, since tackling climate change means addressing it at every level and in all communities.



2015 FINAL CLEO Logic Model


  • We promote broad Answer the Question campaigns in the community.
  • We provide one–hour seminars for community groups, including churches and business associations.
  • We conduct intensive one– and two–day trainings designed to inform and enable our trainees to speak accurately and intelligently to others about climate change.
  • We promote and manage the CLEO Speakers Network, which gives trainees access to professional development and opportunities to address groups of their choosing.
  • We hold social learning opportunities, such as science cafés, film screenings, panels and receptions, with featured speakers from all industries.
  • We participate in county, state, and national conferences and workshops that focus on the latest developments in climate science, local and regional resiliency planning, and education and engagement strategies.
  • We serve as a community liaison between local leaders, scientists of climate change and all segments of society
  • We grow the leadership capacity of Youth Task Force members and their ability to create and host climate engagement activities.



To date, we have a social media reach of over 253,000 and we have engaged more than 45,000 individuals in one or more initiatives, including our Answer the Question campaign, the introductory, essential and advanced Climate Leadership and Climate 101 Trainings,  and our popular informal learning events, which include: science cafés, forums, film screenings, panel discussions, etc. Each year our numbers grow significantly, and our trajectory is exciting. The community has embraced our efforts to bring all parties to the table, and CLEO is now actively recruited to participate in local, regional, and national summits, symposia, panels, and workshops by both public and private entities and individuals. Stakeholder parties recognize the need to consistently link climate science and policy with community education and engagement. Because of its fluid, varied, and inclusive design, CLEO has quickly become a workable model, and is ramping up to be replicated in other cities and regions.

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The CLEO Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that drives climate action through community education and engagement. 

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