Wafa Khalil

Wafa KhalilWafa Khalil, Ph.D., graduated from the University Claude Bernard, Lyon-France with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. 

Dr. Khalil was involved in medical research at the University of Miami, School of Medicine. Since 1989, Dr. Khalil worked with Dade County Public Schools where she developed two unique curricula on Solar Energy and Other Renewable. She educated several thousands of students on energy, its conservation and solar energy. Additionally, throughout her teaching career, Dr. Khalil has developed multiple innovative energy programs based on holistic approach to learning. They are hands-on/minds-on relevant inquiry, research, and investigation.

Moreover, Dr. Khalil has conducted several workshops and trainings for teachers locally and nationally. The Solar Energy program won several grants and national awards such as the Intel International Excellence In Teaching Award. Currently, Dr. Khalil is involved in integrating solar energy and its use in the 5 public schools in the Village of Pinecrest, Florida.

Dr. Khalil believes in the CLEO mission and objective. She also believes in the youth and young adults; she thinks that heightening the students’ awareness of the environmental problems, especially the ones related to global energy consumption, will raise their commitment to be responsible citizens and leaders.

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