Lane Park

Lane Park graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.S. in Microbiology before becoming a medical technologist after a year of specialty training.

She spent two years at NIH in Bethesda to become certified in blood banking and transfusion medicine. She has worked in several hospital laboratories (20 years at South Miami Hospital) and company that made reagents (from blood) for quality control in labs. 

Park has always been interested in the environment and the many species that our Earth supports. Seeing the effects that pollution, rapid CO2 increase, acid rain, droughts, downpours, rising temperatures, changing weather patterns and sea level rise have on our biodiversity, and the people of this planet has caused her to realize that we must make changes in the way we live and treat Mother Earth. We, the people who cause this, are the same people who must control climate change.

Being on the Advisory Council of CLEO is one way to help inform communities everywhere on the realities of climate change and the commitments we all must make to reduce the effects of global warming. 


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