CLEO Presents at UNESCO World Field Laboratory Symposium

UNESCOFieldLabMarch 3, 2016: CLEO’s Executive Director, Caroline Lewis, presented at UNESCO World Field Laboratory Symposium on Sea Level Rise and the Future of Coastal Settlements on Thursday, March 3rd at the Miami Center for Architecture and Design. Lewis participated on the panel entitled “Miami River Basin: Vulnerable Communities, Water Management, Policy & Planning along with Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava and Horacio Stuart Aguirre from the Miami River Commission.   


CLEO Trains NextGen Climate Volunteers

NextGenClimateTrainingsMarch 1st & 2nd, 2016: CLEO’s Executive Director led two trainings for NextGen Climate volunteers in Tampa and Orlando, Florida. The trainings, held on March 1st in Tampa and March 2nd in Orlando, gave NextGen Climate volunteers a basic overview of climate science and of NextGen Climate’s 50by30 plan. 



Advanced Climate Leadership Training 2016

eccc2014february 20 & 27, 2016: In conjunction with the University of Miami's Department of Geological Sciences, CLEO hosted the Advanced Climate Leadership Training series: Empowering Capable Climate Communicators 2016 on Saturdays, Feb. 20 & 27, 2016, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Trainees gained an understanding from leading climate scientists of the causes, reality, severity, and impacts of human-induced climate change; learned what must be done to mitigate, adapt to, and work toward reversing the adverse effects of human-induced climate change; and learned from leading climate communicators so they can begin to communicate this important subject accurately and honestly to others.


CLEO Hosts CC101 Workshops in District 8

D8 CC 101 Flyerfebruary 25, 2016: In collaboration with the office of Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava and the Village of Palmetto Bay hosted two Climate Change 101 workshops for area residents. The workshops introduced basic climate science and concluded with information on Citizens Climate Lobby letter writing campaign. 


CLEO Meets With Talcocy Center Representatives

TACOLCY--LOGOfebruary 24, 2016: CLEO’s Executive Director met with representatives from the Talcolcy Center to discuss synergies between the two organization’s work and opportunities for partnerships. The Talcolcy center is partnering with CLEO to host the upcoming Liberty City Climate Community Forum on March 19th. See flyer here.  


CLEO Executive Director Presents at Northshore Democratic Club

SurfsideDemoClubfebruary 18, 2016: CLEO’s Executive Director presented at the Northshore Democratic Club meeting at the Shorecrest Community Center on February 18th. Those in attendees had an opportunity to ask questions and get clarifications on the latest scientific findings and projections and on what is happening in the South Florida region.  




CLEO Co-Hosts Film Screening of Merchants of Doubt

VOP Film Screeningfebruary 17, 2016: In collaboration with the Village of Pinecrest, CLEO co-hosted a film screening and panel discussion of the documentary Merchants of Doubt, based on the book of the same name by Naomi Oreskes. Following the screening, attendees heard from various panelists including: Alan Farago, Loren Parra, Luiz Rodrigues, Laura Reynolds, and CLEO Youth Task Force member, Matt Barocas. 



CLEO Hosts Climate Conversations in Liberty City & Little Haiti

LCityCCfebruary 13, 2016: CLEO continued its Climate Change 101 project by holding climate conversations in Liberty City and Little Haiti on Saturday, February 13th.  The Liberty City residents meeting yielded a strong local planning group who is moving forward with CLEO to plan and host a town hall on March 19th. Further conversations with Little Haiti are pending scheduling of town hall in their community. In each community, CLEO will host: community conversation, a climate town hall, and a climate 101 training session. This work is being supported in part by The Miami Foundation.


CLEO Trains Additional Miami Beach Employees

Miami Beach Logofebruary 8, 2016: In collaboration with the City of Miami Beach, CLEO trained an additional 120 municipal employees. During the training, employees received Climate Change 101 training. Following this, group discussions on Miami Beach’s efforts compelling insights on what Miami Beach is doing well, what it should be doing more of, and why Miami Beach is so resilient were facilitated by CLEO. The  training was well-received and the City looks forward to collaborating with CLEO in the future. 


CLEO Co-Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Shorecrest Community

Shorecrest TownHallfebruary 4, 2016: CLEO Institute in collaboration with the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Florida International University held a town hall meeting with residents of Shorecrest and surrounding communities.  It is heartening to have that mix of residents, advocates, scientists, educators, and city and county staff addressing real concerns. This will be on going and important. This and other Climate Change 101 community work was sponsored in part by The Miami Foundation.

CLEO Hosts 3rd Climate Across the Curriculum Training

Jan2016CAC WorkshopJanuary 30, 2016: In partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, CLEO offered its third Climate Across the Curriculum workshop for educators across disciplines and grade levels on Saturday, January 30th at the University of Miami. In addition to receiving CC101 training, teachers also heard from climate research and education specialists: Lauren Barth-Cohen from the University of Miami School of Education, Dr. Jack Parker, Florida International University; Dr. Ben Kirtman, University of Miami School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, and Amy Leonard, Biology teacher at Miami Palmetto Sr. High and CLEO Youth Task Force advisor. Furthermore, teachers enjoyed brainstorming sessions that allowed them to create strategies to address climate issues and to explore community partners to scale these efforts in their schools and classrooms. Attending the Climate across the Curriculum workshop was incredibly beneficial.  As an AP Environmental Science teacher, I felt that I left the workshop more informed on the true science of the issues.  Having university faculty and leading scientists in the field present their most recent research was highly stimulating.”   


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