Climate Change Salon Juste

aa83b50c-98d4-413f-bf9e-48e93c4966f2April 5: In conjuction with the Community Justice Project, Caroline Lewis moderated a panel which included fellow activists such as Valencia Gunder from New Florida Majority, Ajani Stewart from the City of Miami Office of Resilience, and Michael Clarkson. Caroline led an energetic discussion about the impacts of climate change and the challenges Miami will continue to face. The attendees got to take a tour of the Miami Science Barge and hear from Ajani about what the City of Miami is doing to address these issues. 

Stand Up! Rise up! Film Festival

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 1.08.30 PMMarch 22: As part of ECOMB's Cinema Green, CLEO co-hosted the final movie screening of the Stand Up! Rise Up! Film Festival at Miami Dade College on Wednesday, March 22. Over 100 attendees got to watch the documentary Revolution, followed by a panel moderated by our own Caroline Lewis. The panelists included Captain Dan Kipnis (Climate Reality Project speaker), Dr. John Van Leer (Citizens Climate Lobby), Daniella Levine Cava (MDC Commissioner), Jim Murley (MDC Chief Resilience Officer), and Salua Rivero (Miami Dade College's "Yes Club" Student President). Each panelist spoke briefly about their work and what they thought needed to be done, in terms of climate resilience, throughout the next couple of years. After being asked what actions we can take to help drive climate action, Commissioner Cava had one response, "Run for office."

MDC's Spring into Sustainability Symposium

IMG 0780March 21: Caroline Lewis presented her famous Climate Change 101 presentation to an audience of over 150 people at Miami Dade College's Spring into Sustainability Symposium on Tuesday, March 21. Varying from students to professors to administrators, the audience was extremely attentive and had several questions at the end, ranging from how plastic plays a part in the changing climate to what we can do immediately to stop the effects 30-40 years from now. After learning about the science, seriousness, and solutions of climate change, several attendees reached out to CLEO to become more involved and take climate action. CLEO's CC101s aim to do just that: to educate and empower the masses. 


CLEO Speakers Network Meeting

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.28.58 PMMarch 16: The CLEO Institute held its first CLEO Speakers Network Planning meeting on Thursday, March 16th at The Cushman School. This meeting was an initial step into creating a large coalition of trained volunteer climate speakers. Phil Chapman, our CSN (CLEO Speakers Network) manager, spearheaded the meeting with his own climate 101 presentation, with tips on how to effectively communicate the information along the way. The attendees were able to not only learn more about climate science through Phil's presentation, but also gain a new understanding on how to relay the daunting information to their circles of influence. The goal of the CSN is to create a cohort of climate speakers/leaders who spread the information and knowledge about climate change to all who want to listen. If you're interested in being trained to become a CLEO certified climate speaker, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more details. 


GenCLEO Meet-Up with Dr. Kirtman

UnknownMarch 6: On Monday, March 6th, GenCLEO hosted their monthly meet-up at The Grove Spot. The GenCLEO members discussed upcoming dates, such as the marches, and how this group of young professionals can stand up and make their voices heard. To inspire and motivate, we had Dr. Ben Kirtman from University of Miami come to speak to the group. He spoke briefly about his work and the ways he's found success in communicating this polarizing topic. He emphasized that cutting carbon emissions is our only hope and we need to act locally before we can act globally. After the meetup, the GenCLEO group left with a new sense of urgency and a drive to create some change. 


CLEO Presents CC101 to Ashoka U Exchange Program

C6FPozuWgAAfDhFMarch 2: CLEO’s Executive Director, Caroline Lewis, presented a mini Climate Change 101 to the members of the Ashoka U Exchange Program at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The attendees were all made up of innovators in higher education who want to make a lasting social impact, both on their students and administrations. Following the presentation, Caroline led the group to the water's edge where they met with Ian Simpkins, Vizcaya's Deputy Director for Horticulture & Urban Agriculture, to hear about sea level rise, its impacts, and any adaptation measures currently taking place. Despite the audience members coming from various cities all over the country, some even asked for our CC101 presentation to implement in their own classrooms! 


Empowering Capable Climate Communicators 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 3.33.13 PMfebruary 11 & 25, 2017: In conjunction with the University of Miami's Department of Geological Sciences, CLEO hosted our Advanced Climate Leadership Training series: Empowering Capable Climate Communicators 2017 on two Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Throughout the first session, over 120 trainees gained an understanding from leading climate scientists of the causes, reality, severity, and impacts of human-induced climate change and learned what must be done to mitigate, adapt to, and work toward reversing its adverse effects. The second session, held February 25, focused on the communication aspect and included leading climate communicators and voluntary climate presentations from the audience. Attendees not only got to hear from local experts on how to communicate this important subject accurately and honestly to others, but also got to practice their skills in front of a panel, including our own Caroline Lewis and Phil Chapman, CLEO Speakers Network Manager. Phil is currently working with some of the presenters to train them to be CLEO Climate Speakers!



C31u7taW8AIjyDBFebruary 4, 2017: At this year's Miami-Dade County Public School's STEAM Expo, The CLEO Institute hosted a diverse set of panelists in order to discuss tackling climate science and solutions. On the panel sat an artist, an architect, a meteoroligist, and a student: each posed with their own concerns and hopes for our future. By bringing together such diverse panelists,  climate solutions can be brainstormed using creativity! The audience learned one actionable item they can do moving forward from each panelist, totalling 4 tangible actions someone can take to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 


millennialJanuary 26, 2017: Now, more than ever, The CLEO Institute is calling on the community to drive climate action. Thus, the millennial movement was formed. On Thursday, a group of 15 young adults met and brainstormed different ideas and strategies on how to continue our fight against climate change. From finance experts to elementary art teachers,  the group of motivated adults came up with innovative ideas such as a wall mural, a video contest, or even a documentary in order to keep educating the public on the science, seriousness, and solutions of climate change. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in joining the movement to resist climate denial, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information. Read the report from their CC101 here. 

Leadership Circle Session

LCJanuary 12, 2017: The CLEO Institute held its first ever Leadership Circle brainstorm session! As inducted Leadership Circle members, CLEO values the input and opinion of all of our inductees. Serving as our CLEO Advisors, about 15 inducted members spent a few hours together brainstorming several strategies and ideas that CLEO can take on this year. Now more than ever, we're calling on the community to continue and scale our outreach. Attending members ranged from our own Board Member and Mayor of Surfside Daniel Dietch to Miami Dade County's Office of Resilience Sustainibility Officer Katie Hagemann. After a productive meeting, two action items were created and CLEO will move forward with implementing them with the help of our Leadership Circle members. 

Caroline Lewis moderates New America Media Panel

IMG 0337Thursday, December 15: Caroline Lewis moderated a panel hosted by New America Media. The panel focused on climate impacts and justice in Miami's communities,  especially communities of color. Among the panelists were Dr. John Van Leer from UM, Zelalem Adefris from Catalyst Miami, Karina Castillo from Moms Clean Air Force, and John Morales from NBC6. After the panel, the 30 attendees, who were mostly journalists, brainstormed strategies for covering climate change in a way to get key information to audiences. 






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