Webinar: Changing the Tides

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 2.25.54 PMOctober 27, 2016: The sixth installment in our webinar series was entitled Changing the Tides: Local Solutions and Engagement. This panel included Delaney Reynolds of miamisearise.com, Valencia Gunder from Make the Homeless Smile, and more. The purpose of this webinar was to inform the viewers and participants on what exactly they can do at a local level to try to combat climate change and all its effects. After all, "sea level rise is not just an infrastructure issue, it's a human issue," says Valencia. After the discussion, three action items were finalized: vote climate, donate to organizations that are fighting sea level rise through advocavy, outreach, and education, and demand that our politicians, teachers, religious leaders, etc incorporate the threats of climate change into their policies, curriculums, sermons, etc. 

Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board

UnknownOctober 26, 2016: CLEO's own Caroline Lewis presented at the Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board Housing and Economic Issues Committee (HEIC). The purpose of the meeting was to take an overall view of economic development, employment and housing issues and then recommend strategies for programs that promote opportunity, equity and inclusion, and reduce intergroup tension. Mrs. Lewis presented on the impacts of climate change on moderate to low income communities, and then offered ideas on how to take the next steps. She emphasized the need for: cooling centers, education and outreach on climate change causes and disruptions, and emergency preparedness. 

Miami People's Climate Rally

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 5.17.07 PMOctober 23, 2016: Along with 400 other fellow Miami residents, CLEO participated in the 2016 Miami People’s Climate Rally. Climate activists from different organizations and backgrounds gathered at the government center in Downtown Miami and rallied for climate action for several hours where the night concluded with words from several community leaders and CLEO Youth Task Force members. Notable marchers included county and local elected officials, and local university scientists. CLEO staff was also part of the broad group of people who organized the march.

Webinar: Sea Turtles

green-sea-turtle-closeup-underwater.jpg.adapt.945.1October 20, 2016: The fifth chapter in our webinar series focused on Sea Turtles: An Indicator Species. Unfortunately, climate change is a threat multiplier and has profound effects on land, species, and entire ecosystems. Sea Turtles are indicator species, meaning they can show us the levels of the effects climate change has had on us already. Several expert panelist weighed in on the matter including Dr. Mariana Fuentes from FSU, Chuck Carr from the Wildlife Conservation Society, and more. Key action items included supporting legistlation to: end the construction of sea walls and end subsidies to keep rebuilding in harm's way. 

Climate Change 101 Training for The Women's Club of Coconut Grove

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 4.53.39 PMOctober 18, 2016: CLEO’s Executive Director, Caroline Lewis, gave an excellent presentation on the basics of climate science, seriousness, and solutions at The Woman's Club of Coconut Grove on Tuesday night. Throughout the audience of about 60 people, Miami City Commissioner Ken Russell was in attendance. The attendees felt moved by Caroline's presentation and many of them asked to be a part of CLEO's volunteer staff and a part of our CLEO Speakers Network. 


October YTF Meeting

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 4.37.07 PMOctober 17, 2016: The CLEO Institute hosted its second Youth Task Force (YTF) meeting for this school year. Throughout the meeting, the YTF members, along with CLEO staff, worked on poster boards and sayings for the 2016 People's Climate March the next Sunday. The 10 students brainstormed ideas about clever sayings and then worked together to create cohesive poster boards. These high school students prove that passion for the environment and passion for change start young. No matter how young or old you are, it's never too late to be a part of the solution. 



Webinar: Managing Florida's Beaches for the Future

florida-beaches-fort-lauderdale-cr-gettyOctober 13, 2016: The fourth installment of the webinar series was about Managing Florida's Beaches for the Future. As seas continue to rise, our beaches continue to grow smaller and smaller each year. To shed some light on this subject, Caroline Lewis moderated a panel that included Jim Murley from the Office of Resilience for Miami-Dade County, Manley Fuller from the Florida Wildlife Federation, and more. As per tradition, the panelists and viewers agreed on two new actionable items at the end: the need for intergovernmental cooperation and resiliency investments, and the need to engage the public in an honest, transparent conversation to develop innovative adaptation plans for vulnerable areas. 

Campaign Rally

IMG 4145October 11, 2016: Hillary Clinton and Al Gore held a campaign rally at Miami Dade College, where The CLEO Institute was invited as VIP. Delaney Reynolds, member of our Youth Task Force and founder of miamisearise.com, was honored to introduce the famous pair. Throughout the rally, both Clinton and Gore stressed the need for clean energy, discussed the Paris climate agreement, and spoke heavily about climate change and all its impacts. 

Webinar: Public Policy & Sea Level Rise

post1October 10, 2016: The third episode of our Ahead of the Tide webinar series concentrated on Public Policy and Sea Level Rise. The panel of experts included Mayor Stoddard from South Miami, Mayor Dietch from Surfside, Dr. Henry Briceno from FIU, and many more. At the conclusion, Caroline Lewis demanded all of the participants agree on two action items: the need to fund innovation and pursue an enterprise think tank focused on climate resilience for the greater Miami area, and the need to collectively support a carbon tax. After all, Mrs. Lewis says, "if we don't lead by example, no one will listen."

Webinar: Rising Waters

20120626-floating-worldSeptember 29, 2016: As part of our partnership with CAVU, the second installment of the Ahead of the Tide webinar series focused on Rising Waters: Threats to People, Beaches, and Wildlife. Caroline Lewis moderated the panel which included guests like Dr. Hal Wanless from UM, Dr. Jeff Chanton from FSU, and David Letson from UM. After the webinar, Caroline, the panelists, and the viewers came together to come up with two actionable items we can all do to help this fight against climate change: prioritizing the adoption of a carbon tax or inducting a fee to account for the cost of carbon pollution, and to vote NO on Amendment 1 in November to avoid limiting solar energy in Florida. 

100 Resilient Cities Agenda Setting Workshop

IMG 9975September 29, 2016: CLEO's Executive Director, Caroline Lewis, attended the Greater Miami and the Beaches Resilience Workshop as part of an effort to prepare for our role as one of 100 Resilient Cities. The City of Miami, the City of Miami Beach, and Miami-Dade County have all been selected as part of 100 Resilient Cities, a program pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. The workshop brought together diverse representatives from all across the county in order to set an agenda to launch our commitment to help Miami become more resilient to physical, social, and economic challenges. Mayors like Tomas Regalado, Philip Levine, and Carlos Gimenez were all in attendance. 




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