MAST Academy's 13th Annual Contemporary Issues In Science Forum

mast-contemporary-issues-forumFebruary 2011: Caroline Lewis and several educators, scientists, business and community leaders participated in the Forum. This event is the brainchild of Dr. Wafa Khalil, master teacher, Solar I and II curriculum creator and CLEO Advisor. The forum is led by students who serve as Forum moderators, keynote speakers, topic specialists, discussion facilitators and more. This year's Forum, ECO-LOGICAL ENERGY - THE RENEWABLE STATE OF MIND, was another resounding success. The CLEO Institute is exploring how best to scale up and replicate this extremely effective and transformative interdisciplinary model.

DuMond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests

February 2011: Caroline speaks to "The Importance of Youth as Stewards of the Environment" at the Golden Lion Tamarin Festival.

Climate Literacy Network

climate-literacy-networkOn-going: The CLEO institute participates in the Climate Literacy Network, contributing ideas and strategies, gaining resources and insights, and building partnerships.

Miami Dade College and Miami Dade County Public Schools Partnership

miami-dade-college-schools-partnershipOn-going: The CLEO Institute is collaborating with M-DCPS and MDC on an exciting climate change education initiative for college and middle school students and faculty

APGA Plant Sentinel Network

January 2011: Caroline Lewis is assisting with Strategic Planning for the development of a Plant Sentinel Network, a collaboration effort with APGA, NPDN, USDA, USFS and APHIS (American Public Garden Association, National Plant diagnostic network, United States Department of Agriculture, United States Forest Service, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service)

American Public Garden Board Presentation

american-public-garden-board-presentationJanuary 2011: At the meeting of APGA's Board of Directors' meeting in Phoenix, Caroline Lewis, a member of the Board, presented an update on current findings and needs in climate change education and the scope of work of the CLEO institute.

Empowering Capable Climate Communicators: Dr. Hal Wanless' Cooper Fellow Training Series

January-March 2011: Held at the University of Miami - Caroline Lewis works with scientists to present and serve on panels on climate change research and education. The audience includes scientists, college students and professors, high school students and teachers, and leaders and representatives from informal science organizations, environmental groups, and the community at large. CLEO Advisor, Dr. Wafa Khalil and several CLEO Youth Task Force members also participated in the four-day training series. There is a potential link here with Katy’s GGI.

Miami Dade College Leadership Round Table

miami-dade-college-leadership-round-tableFebruary 2011: We attended the Miami Dade College Leadership Round Table with guests Ambassador Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame Wilson, embracing their very profound civic engagement message.

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