Gifford Arboretum Climate 101

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.28.10 AMSeptember 7, 2016: The CLEO Institute presented an overview of climate science, seriousness, and solutions for the University of Miami's Gifford Arboretum members. The 40 attendees felt moved and motivated to demand climate action and the excitement in the room was palpable. There is momentum going on in regards to climate change action and the more we can engage, the better. After all, change stars locally. 

Sea Level Solutions Center Opening

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.45.44 AMAugust 30, 2016: Florida International University invited The CLEO Institute to the Sea Level Solutions Community Opening at the Miami Beach Urban Studios. To celebrate the opening, there was a Solutions Expo with displays and presentations by sea level experts and speakers. Some of these included FIU President and Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mark B. Rosenberg, City of Miami Sea Level Rise Committee Chairman Wayne Pathman, and Miami-Dade County Chief Resilience Officer James Murley. Congratulations to our partner and friend, Dr. Tiffany Troxler, who had a huge role in the opening of the Sea Level Solutions Center. 


CLEO Meets with Bangladesh Climate Leaders

IMG 3871August 11, 2016: The CLEO Institute held a meeting with Global Ties Miami and Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner. Global Ties Miami is an organization that was hosting a delegation from Bangladesh that was interested in exploring resilience to climate change and sea level rise. These Bangladesh leaders were selected by U.S. Embassies to participate due to their exceptional work in their fields. The CLEO Institute was highlighted as an organization they'd like to meet with to learn about our work informing and engaging the public on the realities of climate change. The group discussed climate change adaptation, mitigation, education, and outreach. 

CLEO Co-Hosts Second Session of Little Haiti Town Hall

FullSizeRenderAugust 11, 2016: The CLEO Institute, along with FANM and New Florida Majority, held the second session of our Little Haiti Climate Town Hall. Building on the conversation from the first town hall, Valencia Gunder from New Florida Majority opened the discussion. The residents agreed that climate change was not just about sea level rise or heat, but the health disruptions that come with it as well. Our executive director, Caroline Lewis, is currently trying to work with Miami-Dade County to ensure every under-resourced house in Little Haiti and Liberty City has one funtctioning central air conditioning unit, along with a stipend to help pay the growing electricity bills. While climate change affects all of us, CLEO is making efforts to ensure underprivileged communities have access to the same resources. Read an article from the Miami New Times about our meeting here. 

Climate Change 101 Training for Sweetwater

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.29.29 PMJULY 12, 2016: CLEO’s Executive Director, Caroline Lewis, trained a group of Sweetwater residents on the basics of climate science, seriousness, and solutions. The 25 attendees learned exactly what's causing climate change and how they can drive climate action by finding and acting on solutions. You can see the flyer here and see some pictures here.


CLEO Co-Hosts Little Haiti Town Hall Meeting

Little Haiti Town HallJune 30, 2016: The CLEO Institute, along with FANM and other community partners, held a town hall meeting at the New Florida Majority office in Little Haiti. The residents and city/county officials discussed hurricane preparedness, sustainability programs, and a joint community effort to address climate-related issues. Because low-income communities are more vulnerable, the discussion was important to creating a more climate-resilient future. You can read the report here and see pictures from the event here.

"Climate & Me" Summer Camp- Liberty City

Caroline at Climate and MeJune 27: CLEO’s Executive Director, Caroline Lewis, helped fundraise money in order to support a week-long summer camp in Liberty City focused on climate science and climate justice. The camp was spearheaded by Paulette Richards of Women in Leadership Miami and hosted about 20 children, ages 6-13. Caroline presented the basics of climate science to the kids and our dear Lynne Hudgins, of The CLEO Teachers' Network, also gave a detailed presentation on the causes and effects of climate change. Overall, the camp was a huge success and a great step towards educating the children who will grow up to one day change the world. You can see pictures from the camp here.



CLEO Co-Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Sweetwater

Sweetwater Town HallJune 23, 2016: CLEO Institute in collaboration with Sweetwater officials held a town hall meeting with residents of Sweetwater, and both city and county officials. The attendees received a basic climate science run-down by FIU Professor Dr. Henry Briceno. The residents and officials discussed flooding plans, sustainability programs, and an overall community effort to mitigate climate-related issues. Bringing together the community and Sweetwater staff is imperative to finding a solution and is a great beginning to a new Sweetwater. See the flyer here and pictures here. You can also read the report here.

CLEO attends Mayor Cindy Lerner's Solar Power Workshop

solarJune 22, 2016: Caroline Lewis attended a Pinecrest Climate Action Workshop hosted by Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner. Caroline, along with Mayor Stoddard from South Miami, were guest speakers. The workshop focused on the economic advantages of adding solar energy to your home. The guests learned how using solar energy can significantly lower electricity costs and help make homes more energy efficient. Mayor Lerner also discussed the Compact of Mayors and the Pinecrest Climate Action Plan in order to make the Village of Pinecrest a more sustainable area. 




CLEO Hosts Mayors' Roundtable Luncheon

131-273185735-000000.pngJune 22, 2016: The CLEO Institute held a roundtable luncheon with elected Mayors, city, and county representatives from several municipalities in Miami-Dade County. In attendance were Miami-Dade Chief Resilience Officer Jim Murley, Mayor Cindy Lerner of Pinecrest, and Mayor Jim Cason of Coral Gables. Other municipalities which were represented at the luncheon include Miami Shores, Miami Beach, Miami, Surfside, and Sweetwater. These roundtables connect local elected leaders and representatives to share their best practices and strategies in building climate resilience.  


Climate Change 101 Training for Pinecrest Elders

pinecrest-branch-library-tnJune 21, 2016: CLEO’s Executive Director, Caroline Lewis, trained a group of senior citizens from the Village of Pinecrest at the Pinecrest Branch Library on the basics of climate change science, seriousness, and solutions. The atendees were eager to hear about how they could make a difference for their children and grandhcildren. This training session proves it's never too late to be educated and make a conscious effort to create a better future for the generations to come. 





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