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                      Advanced Climate Leadership Training                                                  Essential Climate Leadership Training


                  Sea Level Rise Training for Elected Officials                                                Essential Climate Leadership Training


“I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me to join the CLEO Climate Leadership Training on Saturday. From the training I gained so much knowledge and inspiration.” 

“CLEO trainings provide cutting-edge science plus the strategies needed to convey & lobby policymakers and our community about climate change/SLR/resiliency planning. Climate Change training is like CPR training, every citizen should be trained to be a lifesaver. ”

"I had a delightful time ... I walked away learning something more and empowered with new ways to talk about the issue."    

“I now have tremendous back up for the issues that I have spoken of, for years.” 

 “The training taught me that the best way to help with the issue of climate change is to inform others, who will hopefully in turn share that information with others, a climate change ‘pay it forward’ if you will. The more the general public knows about the issue and what they can do to help the better. I learned to be more confident in the science and facts behind the issue and feel more knowledgeable and ready to share the information with others." 

"The presentations were extremely effective, and they have increased my knowledge of global warming and influenced me to change my behaviors related to the use of energy and the waste of resources.  I hope that I can make a difference to change our physical environment and be a role model for my own children and my students.” 

“Caroline Lewis and The CLEO Institute have made an impact here in Hollywood. It is my hope that we can work together again on a project of mutual interest.”

“The CLEO Institute’s commitment to learning features a wide spectrum of access that will open new possibilities for community engagement and education.” 

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The CLEO Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that drives climate action through community education and engagement. 

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