• Fuel - "Fuel" is the in-depth personal journey of eco-evangelist Josh Ticknell, who takes us on a hip, fast-paced road trip into America's dependence on foreign oil.

  • Climate Refugees - "Climate Refugees" is about what happens when an over populated world with a lack of resources and a changing climate all collide with each other.

  • Chasing Ice - "Chasing Ice" is a 2012 documentary film about the efforts of nature photographer James Balog and his Extreme Ice Survey to publicize the effects of climate change.

  • Six Degrees Could Change the World - As humans confront a warming planet, scientists examine the effects of a small but significant change.

  • Carbon Nation - Carbon Nation is a documentary film about technological- and community-based energy solutions to the growing worldwide carbon footprint.

  • Thin Ice - Thin Ice is a documentary film following geologist Simon Lamb on a search to understand the science behind climate change.

  • Years of Living Dangerously (SHOWTIME Series) - Years of Living Dangerously is a groundbreaking documentary series about the human impact on climate change.

  • NCA: Americans on the Front Lines of Climate Change (Short films) - In these videos, scientists and citizens from around the country personify the scientific information detailed in the 2014 NCA report.

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