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Annual Fundraiser Celebration for The CLEO Institute

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“A Night of Climate Horror & Hope”


A percentage of ticket sales will go to Hurricane Ian’s recovery efforts for solar lamp purchases, which are already being deployed to many Floridians in need.

  1. Attend our Annual Fundraiser Celebration Event: A Night of Horror & Hope.  Buy tickets.
  2. Buy gift shop items that can educate others on the climate emergency.
  3. Add your name to our Florida, The Emergency State campaign, stating you want Florida on a clean, renewable pathway HERE.
  4. Share Florida, The Emergency State campaign video with others to add their names.

“A Night of Climate Horror & Hope”


Join The CLEO Institute for their Annual Celebration Dinner and Fundraiser hosted at Fairchild Gardens. This year’s theme, A Night of Climate Horror & Hope, will reflect upon the climate emergency but also on the many reasons to feel hope!

We are in the midst of a climate crisis

As we watch the worsening effects of the climate emergency unfold in front of our eyes this year, 21.5 million Floridians stood in the path of destruction of Hurricane Ian as it continues to unleash its rath across the state. The link between the climate crisis and the increased ferocity of natural disasters is scientifically proven. The formation of hurricanes requires warm ocean water and increased air moisture, both things that a rapidly warming planet provides more consistently. The calamities that ensue from these catastrophes, such as devastating storm surges and chronic flooding, are further exacerbated by rising sea levels.

Florida is at the front line of climate disasters

Hurricane Ian is not the first nor will it be the last devastating disaster to be amplified by the climate crisis. It is a clear example of what we will see more frequently. Let us remember Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Irma, and most recently, Hurricane Fiona, which destroyed communities again in the Caribbean.

As dirty fossil fuels continue to raise global temperatures, storm surges will worsen. Storm surges become more frequent in a warmer climate, and the relative change in frequency is more pronounced for the most extreme events. This 70 Billion event will exacerbate the property insurance crisis this state has. What Governor DeSantis calls a 500-year biblical flooding event is just a glimpse at what we can expect more and more. Florida is already suffering the consequences of the climate emergency, and it is past time we listen to what scientists and researchers have been saying for a decade.

It is up to us to keep Florida being Florida! Don’t let the Sunshine State become the Emergency State!

Together, and with your donation, we can do so louder. Remember, action is the antidote to despair!

Bring your most creative costume that reflects the theme of the night. There will be costume prizes, dancing, and more! We will also acknowledge a community Climate Champion with our Dr. F. Lynn Leverett Award and induct several individuals to our Leadership Circle for their work in our communities. Join us!


In solidarity,

The CLEO Institute team!

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