CLEO Institute’s Statement on the Tampa Climate Action & Equity Plan


Salome Garcia

The Tampa Climate Action & Equity Plan holds immense significance in our collective efforts to combat the climate crisis and create a more equitable and sustainable future for Tampanians. Recognizing its importance, The CLEO Institute has actively collaborated with City officials throughout the plan’s development. We have worked closely, meeting with City officials, providing educational resources, and engaging with the public to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the proposed policies. Our goal has been to empower our most vulnerable community members with the knowledge and data needed to advocate for bold policy changes. Moving forward, The CLEO Institute remains committed to working alongside the City to facilitate the implementation of the plan’s recommendations. Through ongoing collaboration, public engagement, and advocacy efforts, we will support the City of Tampa in transforming these proposals into tangible actions that drive meaningful change.

While the Climate Action & Equity Plan marks a significant step forward, it is crucial to recognize that this plan serves as a starting point. Bolder action and more ambitious goals will be needed to fully address the magnitude of the climate crisis we face. The CLEO Institute will continue to push for even more impactful measures and advocate for further progress in Tampa’s journey toward sustainability. We take this opportunity to thank Mayor Castor’s leadership, the Office of Resilience of the City of Tampa, and the CLEO Institute’s team for their work in recent years. Together, we can build upon the foundation set by this plan and strive towards a future where the City of Tampa will thrive as a resilient, equitable, and environmentally conscious city.

You can visit and read the Climate Action & Equity Plan:  here.

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