CLEO Institute’s #UnfinishedRace Campaign Gains Traction Beyond the Finish Line in Miami


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Jocelyn Mahone
Community Manager

MIAMI [April 26, 2024] – On Thursday, April 25, 2024, runners at the Lexus Corporate Run continued to spread The CLEO Institute’s message that the race for our future is unfinished.

On Sunday, April 21, 2024, The CLEO Institute, a women-led nonprofit organization dedicated to climate education, advocacy, and engagement, launched the #UnfinishedRace campaign at its annual 5K Race For Our Future.  Instead of crossing the finish line, two runners from 54D stopped just before the end of the race holding banners stating, “There are no winners in the climate crisis. This is an unfinished race.” Sacrificing their personal standing was a poignant representation of the urgency we face. 

“We knew we had to make an impact and show that climate change is an ongoing battle,” said The CLEO Institute’s Executive Director Yoca Arditi-Rocha. “Our focus at CLEO is to find innovative ways to advocate for change, educate, and bring awareness to the community while giving people the inspiration and opportunities to increase their own agency.” 

CLEO’s message clearly resonated with racegoers and the Miami community. Just days after CLEO’s 5K Race For Our Future, two runners from Northeastern University’s Miami team joined CLEO’s #UnfinshedRace movement during Thursday’s Lexus Corporate Run. 

They stopped before the finish line and unfurled the same message: “There are no winners in the climate crisis. This is an unfinished race.” One of the runners, Nick Crimarco, explained his reason for stopping: “The climate crisis is at a critical point. The next few years will decide whether we can control the constant climb in temperature over the next 20 years. While there is progress being made, we are walking towards the finish line instead of sprinting.”

“We are excited to see the message of the Unfinished Race catching on,” Arditi-Rocha added. “CLEO hopes that other runners in other racers will join the movement so that we can continue to gain visibility and momentum for climate action in such a pivotal year as heat & hurricane season approaches”.


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