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Over 50% of Americans are concerned about the climate crisis, but most don’t know how to discuss it. Empower your climate action by joining the CLEO Speakers Network, an online certificate program that builds individuals’ confidence in climate communication by breaking down the latest science, impacts, and actionable solutions. Talking about the climate crisis is one of the most important things we can all do.

CLEO Speakers Network is a space focused on Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and Civic Engagement. We explore the intersection of these important issues and provide participants with the skills and knowledge to become effective environmental advocates.

CLEO Speakers Network 2022 by The CLEO Institute


Open to all (materials have a Florida focus)

The CLEO Speakers Network is for you whether you are interested in public speaking, advocacy, or positively impacting the environment.

CLEO Speakers Network: Spring 2023 Cohort Dates and Times

All sessions are from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST

Monday, March 6: CSN Program Orientation

We will introduce CLEO staff and our goals for this course, including expectations for civic engagement and introduce the Climate Action Roadmap.

Tuesday, March 7: Science & Urgency of the Climate Crisis

We will discuss climate impacts and relate to relevant lived experiences and connect this to the underlying science. We’ll also link current events regarding extreme weather to the disproportionate impacts of the climate crisis faced by vulnerable populations, as well as future trends.

Tuesday, March 14: Climate Solutions for a Just, Equitable Future!

Starting with Civics 101, we will empower participants to take action with the knowledge of how to be an effective climate advocate. We will discuss what a just and equitable transition would look like, including affordable housing, food security, electrification of infrastructure, and nature-based solutions with an intersectional, policy-centered approach.  In breakout sessions, we will explore local opportunities available within our communities.

Tuesday, March 21: Effective Communication & Civic Engagement

We will begin with tips on avoiding pitfalls in climate communication, how to align climate action with people’s values, and redirecting common myths and misconceptions. Do’s and don’ts for attending public comment sessions and commission meetings, with advice from an elected official on how best to communicate and advocate for your ideas.

Tuesday, March 28: Sharing Your Climate Story

We need to make the climate crisis relevant to others by connecting the dots to their lived experiences. Participants will refine their communication techniques and develop a personal story to share on the impacts, urgency, and solutions to climate change. There will also be a session on climate and mental health, helping activists to develop resilience and a community of care to avoid burnout.


You can still sign up to be ready for the next cohort later this year by clicking the link below:



  • Climate change causes, impacts, and solutions.
  • Communication skills and how to engage with an audience.
  • Zoom presentation designed for the general public.


  • Carry the message to a broader audience to accelerate climate action in your community.
  • Build community resilience by networking with diverse, like-minded peers.
  • Receive a certificate as an official CLEO Climate Speaker.


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