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Thursday, July 23, 2020

The CLEO Institute launches Climate Action Lab featuring Local and National Leaders

MIAMI, FL — The CLEO Institute is proud to announce the launch of the Climate Action Lab (CAL), a 10-day online summer training program educating high school students around the country on the climate crisis and empowering them to take action on their own by exposing them to experts and professionals in the field. Throughout the Climate Action Lab, students are learning about the role that both individual and collective climate action plays in tackling this global climate crisis and are effectively transforming into catalysts of change. Our cohort of twenty-three students is all high school students representing the states of Florida, Colorado, and Minnesota.

The Climate Action Lab is split into three modules: Education, Communication, and Mobilization. Students are mastering the science, impacts, and solutions of climate change, becoming certified CLEO Climate Speakers to communicate the climate crisis in their own communities, acquiring the resources and knowledge needed to mobilize a movement, and creatively expressing their climate stories. Students are hearing from experts across the fields of climate science, resilience, design, communication, and research who are providing baseline knowledge of climate science, seriousness, and solutions.

Students are hearing from local influential voices, such as NBC-6 Chief Meteorologist, John Morales, Founder of the Sink or Swim Project, Delaney Reynolds, and Miami Herald Lead Reporter, Alex Harris. They are also hearing from prominent voices on climate action such as U.S. Representative, Kathy Castor, Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani, and national youth climate activists, Jamie Margolin and Kevin J. Patel.

With Florida on the frontlines of climate impacts because of sea-level rise, extreme weather events, and more, climate education is integral to our resilience. As we’ve seen in the past year, the advocacy from local youth has gotten our city to begin adopting bold changes. The youth’s unapologetic civic participation is critical to climate action.

What: We invite you to cover The CLEO Institute’s Climate Action Lab and attend one of our virtual sessions. Please email for the program agenda and virtual connection details.

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