Climate Action Lab


Calling all high school students! The CLEO Institute is hosting the Climate Action Lab (CAL), a 10-day online summer training program for students looking to master climate science, impacts, and solutions and gain the knowledge and skills to become drivers of climate action. Those who participate will become certified CLEO Climate Speakers, hear from and engage with professionals in the field, learn how to mobilize online and build a movement, and find their role in combating the climate crisis.

The Climate Action Lab will follow three stages: Education, Communication, and Mobilization. Featuring incredible guest speakers from various backgrounds, local and national climate activists, engaging activities, and a certification process, students will emerge as climate champions for their communities.


High school students across Florida.

What You’ll Learn

  • Causes of global warming, climate crisis impacts, and solutions you can implement.
  • Become a certified CLEO Climate Speaker and give presentations to improve your communication skills.
  • Learn how to mobilize others to join the climate movement.


  • Increase your climate literacy and practice youth activism.
  • Access opportunities and professionals from different fields.
  • Carry the message to a broader audience to accelerate climate action in your community.


Applications are due July 8th, 2020. This program will take place entirely online from July 20th, 2020 to August 4th, 2020. Space is limited, tuition is $650, and scholarships are available! For more information, contact