Climate on the Ballot (and Beyond) feat. Saad Amer, Co-Founder, Plus1Vote

The upcoming general election in the United States may just be the most important election of our lifetime. The due date to globally act on climate before we set off catastrophic tipping points is approaching. Everything about the health and safety of ourselves and our communities is at stake. Still, the United States sits back on the climate fight, in denial and inaction. But this November, we have the opportunity to change that. To do so, we need young people to show up to the polls like never before. What’s at stake? How is voting a form of climate action? What keeps young people from voting? How do we get them to the polls? How do we go beyond the ballot? We answer these questions and more in conversation with Saad Amer, CoFounder of Plus1Vote. House on Fire is produced by ML3 media at Unicorn Fire Studios with All Points West, with support from The CLEO Institute and technical direction from Mia Kirn & Michael Landsberg.

Guest: Saad Amer, CoFounder, Plus1Vote

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