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Climate Emergency Response Training

Thu, 08-20-20
6:00pm 7:30pm

Become A Part Of Our Growing Coalition – Help Build The Movement For A Livable Future

We are facing an existential crisis and Florida on the frontlines. Rising temperatures have made us more vulnerable to hurricanes, sea level rise, algae blooms, fish kills, fires and extreme heat. Issues like this threaten our safety, our economy, our health, our state, our country and the world as we know it.

We are also seeing massive injustices in our systems, while the world is being rocked by the Covid-19 crisis, which has affected black and poor communities the most.

As overwhelming as all of this can be, recent events with Covid-19 have shown us that the government has the ability to take massive action in response to a crisis, and that the sooner we act, the more chance we have to avoid major disaster. We have never faced so many simultaneous threats, but we have also never met a greater opportunity to create a healthier, more just world. We must create a system that brings people together, supports racial and social justice, and helps all of us thrive.

It’s time for our leaders to act now to save us from climate disaster before it’s too late. Because massive action is needed but it’s up to all of us to mobilize to force the political will to make that happen.

Come share your vision for the future you want to create while learning more about how we can do it together. Join us to demand that our leaders support the Climate Emergency Declaration which would help address climate justice while also mobilizing the massive actions that can turn this around.

Victory is possible. It’s time for all of us to demand the political will needed to achieve it.

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