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Energy Equity & Impacts of Off-Shore Drilling

Thu, 08-13-20
6:00pm 7:00pm

In 2020, it is projected that offshore oil will reach its peak in production. Florida’s current moratorium is at risk for a Congressional loophole so that the decision-making will be transferred to the presidentially-appointed Secretary of Defense. Sen. Rubio has offered a 10-year extension to the current protection.

This extension is currently being discussed in Congress. Off-shore drilling is both unnecessary and detrimental to coastal communities and habitats. We can recall the devastation from the BP Oil spill. A repeat of that in this current economic collapse would cause further devastation to at-risk communities along the Gulf. Continuing to drill off-shore is not worth the risk. Instead of crude oil as a main American export, we would like to explore energy independence through renewable energy innovations. This includes Solar, Wind, and Wave Power as an alternative.

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