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Orlando Energy Summit

Now more than ever the Orlando community is feeling the pressure to keep their lights on, from rising prices on fracked gas and a lack of energy equity on behalf of our hometown utility OUC. Come learn how you can help push Mayor Dyer, the city and our local utility company to help lower your utility bill.

Climate Action Party: Wake Florida Up!

Join two phenomenal activists and take action to make a difference. Our guests are uniquely poised to shed light on what’s happening in the state, where they have worked to uplift the voices of the unheard and the unheeded. Learn, too, about how the CLEO Institute uniquely mobilizes the masses, top-down and bottom-up simultaneously, in support of climate action.

Speaking Up for the Swamp

Join GenCLEO this summer to speak up for the Swamp! On June 29 we’re hosting a webinar where we’ll talk about why our national park sites should be part of the climate solution.

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