FDACS Responds to Youth Lead Petition to Establish State Renewable Energy Goals


April 19, 2022 Cody Rogers


FDACS Responds to Youth Lead Petition to Establish State Renewable Energy Goals

The CLEO Institute applauds Florida’s youth in successfully advocating for State renewable energy goals to be established by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). Youth momentum is essential in public policy advocacy and action on the climate crisis since younger generations will face the brunt of impacts of this emergency.

A grass-roots youth lead movement started in the form of a petition, and with support from Our Children’s Trust, was presented the petition to Commissioner Fried back in January. Recently, FDACS granted the petition and will start the rulemaking process to identify strategies of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2050.

“More than 40% of Americans experienced a climate change-fueled extreme weather event in the last year. Clean energy, not more oil and gas, will protect Floridians and other Americans from the volatile and dangerous fossil fuel economy dominated by countries like Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, or Iran. Clean and renewable energy will reduce our energy costs, is homegrown, non-polluting, and will create more good-paying jobs for the Sunshine State. The more we harness them the fewer petro-wars will have. The more we install clean renewable energy, the more energy independent will be. The more we scale it, the less global warming pollution will have. It is just common sense for the Sunshine State!” said Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director at The CLEO Institute.

Current Florida Statute requires the State of Florida to address the needs of climate change wherever possible and instructs the legislature to lessen our dependence on natural and fossil oil causing global heating and more extreme weather events. This rulemaking petition simply incentivizes the department to utilize authority already granted to them. We look forward to the rulemaking process and what implementation of the rule will look like. Because the more Climate Crisis, the less Florida we will all have!


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