Introducing Climate Leadership Academy (CLA): Led by science teacher and CLEO’s founder, Caroline Lewis.

Ever mindful of the urgent need for action AND of the power of young people to be agents of change, CLA promotes Civic Engagement and Leadership as cornerstone skillsets for CLEO Gap Year students. We expect that through two semesters of interdisciplinary learning, skill development and project-based problem solving, our students will embrace the greatest global challenges, and seek scalable solutions to address them.  The Climate Crisis is our focus but, due to the multiple angles involved in understanding and solving the problem, Gap Year students will be exposed to a myriad of climate lenses needed to galvanize change, including in fields such as science, economics, engineering, communication, modeling, justice, art, technology, philosophy, psychology, and so much more. Individual interests will guide the focus of much of the work both semesters.

This innovative Gap Year program celebrates students as agents of change. CLA graduates will look at the biggest issues of our time and embrace interdisciplinary approaches to seeking solutions to address them.


High School Student Graduates


  • Develop the skills to adjust to varied learning environments
  • Look at the biggest issues of our time and deconstruct the systems at play
  • Embrace scholarship and interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving


  • The climate crisis is considered the biggest threat to humanity, and being better prepared will help our young people become more resilient.
  • CLA gives high school graduates the opportunity to expand their skills and connect them with real-world experts in a variety of fields, which will help them think more about their career path.
  • CLA provides the opportunity to be innovative while fostering independent learning, as well as teamwork.

If you or your child are interested, please email Caroline Lewis at

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