Human-induced climate change is not longer in a distant future, it is happening now. Ecosystems and communities in the United States and around the world are being impacted today by a rapidly warming climate. Learn more and get involved! (Source: NOAA)

Be Prepared

Extreme weather is intensifying worldwide. From droughts to floods and heatwaves to polar vortexes, the increasing frequency of these events is directly attributable to global warming. As part of our local efforts to increase resilience during heat and hurricane season in South Florida, in-person extreme weather preparedness trainings are available around Miami-Dade County in June. Find out more HERE

If you can’t make it to an in-person training, a recording of the virtual training held on May 29th is available below:

Learn More

Over 50% of Americans are concerned about the climate crisis, but most don’t know how to discuss it. The CLEO Speakers Network is designed to supercharge your climate communication by breaking down the latest science, impacts, and actionable solutions. Talking about the climate crisis is one of the most important things we can all do.

CLEO Speakers Network is a space focused on Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and Civic Engagement. We explore the intersection of these important issues and provide participants with the skills and knowledge to become effective environmental advocates.

This video series covers most of the content of our certificate program. It is provided here free of charge. If you are interested in completing the certificate portion of the CLEO Speakers Network program, please email us for additional information.



Take Action

You’re here because climate action matters to you. Not sure where to start? Use the links below to add your voice to the millions clamoring for climate action.


Climate action is powered by community. Connect with the CLEO community in person or online for information and inspiration!

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