“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we are borrowing it from our children.”  

– Chief Seattle

Our youth will bear the brunt of the climate crisis, and in order to ensure they are resilient, we must prepare them. The CLEO Institute is an official partner of the Miami-Dade County public school system (the 4th largest school district in the US) and has developed programs that ensure our teachers and students are learning about the science, impacts, and solutions to the climate crisis. Our CLEO Resilient Schools and GenCLEO Youth Network are statewide programs that educate, engage, and empower our youth to understand what is happening, become civically engaged, and learn about green careers. ​

Founded in 2010, ​The CLEO Institute is the only women-led nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in Florida exclusively dedicated to climate education, engagement, and advocacy. CLEO provides critical education on the science, impacts, and solutions while making it personal, with a climate justice lens to empower people to join the movement. Building community resilience and adaptive capacity require an informed, engaged, and prepared public. Therefore, CLEO works with governmental, business, academic, and community leaders to advocate for long-term and inclusive solutions.

Why Support CLEO?

Beginning on Giving Tuesday, the Florida Pediatric Foundation (FPF), the charitable foundation of the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FCAAP), is raising funds to help The CLEO Institute continue their work supporting youth climate literacy through a variety of school initiatives and education, engagement, and advocacy efforts.

With your help, we can make a difference to protect our common home. Make a donation of any size to The CLEO Institute from November 30, 2021 through the end of the year, and together, we can help engage and empower Florida’s youth to take climate action.

Thank you for helping us support Florida’s kids to be happy, safe, and healthy!

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Statement on Climate Change

Rising global temperature is causing major physical, chemical, and ecological changes across the planet. There is a wide consensus among scientific organizations and climatologists that these broad effects, known as climate change, are the result of contemporary human activity. Climate change poses threats to human health, safety, and security. Children are uniquely vulnerable to these threats. The effects of climate change on child health include physical and psychological sequelae of weather disasters, increased heat stress, decreased air quality, altered disease patterns of some climate-sensitive infections, and food, water, and nutrient insecurity in vulnerable regions. [Read More]




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