Governor DeSantis Vetoes HB 741 – Net Metering


April 28th, 2022


Cody Rogers


Governor DeSantis Vetoes HB 741 – Net Metering


On April 27th 2022, Governor DeSantis officially vetoed the anti-net metering bill HB 741! The CLEO Institute applauds this veto and thanks Governor DeSantis for prioritizing energy independence for all Floridians and allowing the solar industry to continue growing within our state.

The only beneficiary of this punitive bill would have been the state’s monopoly electric utilities, which continue to rely on planet-cooking polluting fossil fuels to generate over 70 percent of their power. And, considering the rapidly-worsening state of our climate, any delay in transitioning to clean, renewable energy is unacceptable and detrimental to Florida’s future. We thank Governor DeSantis for listening to thousands of Floridians who advocated to keep the SUN shining in the Sunshine state.

For more information, read the Veto Transmittal Letter from Governor DeSantis’ Office.


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