We are in a Climate Emergency and our House is on Fire! Introducing a youth-led podcast brought to you by The CLEO Institute to discuss the climate crisis, activism, and hope. Recorded in ground-zero Miami, Florida. Download and subscribe to the House on Fire podcast through any of your preferred platforms.


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S3E9: Louis Aguirre: Eco Warrior

Louis Aguirre is an Emmy-award winning journalist who anchors weekday newscasts on WPLG Local 10 and serves as the station’s Environmental Advocate and he leads “Don’t Trash Our Treasure” a station-wide environmental campaign. Louis is a longtime and staunch defender of the planet and brings awareness of environmental issues in South Florida with the purpose of seeking solutions. Louis has received numerous accolades for Don’t Trash Our Treasure, including four Emmy awards for environmental reporting, and for efforts involving International Coastal Cleanup Day.

S3E8: Marisol Melzi: The Business of Environmental Responsibility

Marisol Gomez Melzi, leads Sustainability Programs at Watsco, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Miami and the largest distributor of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment in the HVAC distribution industry. Marisol started and built her career in the Green Financing and Tech Startup ecosystems in Miami, as well as non-profit sector work. On this episode, we will highlight some of the innovations Watcso, the largest distributor of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment, is championing in the HVAC industry.

S3E7: Anya Freeman: 3D Printing Living Sea Walls

Anya Freeman is founder and CEO of Kind Designs, which 3D prints living seawalls functioning as coral reefs with embedded sensor systems for collecting water quality data. Anya was born in Ukraine and has lived all over the world – she settled in South Florida to attend law school. After her house on South Beach flooded, and frustrated with the lack of innovation around rising sea-levels, Anya worked on finding technological solutions to this global challenge, that both supports the environment and has economies of scale.

S3E6: Heather Noreen: Biking for Climate Awareness

Dania interviews Heather Noreen as she embarks on a 3,000 mile journey up the East Coast from Miami to Montreal, spreading climate awareness. Her mission, to help create an army of climate crisis educators and warriors.

S3E5: Nadia Seeteram: How Will Climate-Related Migration Change Miami and the World?

Host Dania Toledo talks to Columbia University Climate School researcher Nadia Seeteram, the lead author of a recent landmark study about climate-related migration. Nadia forecasts the profound effects that sea level rise will likely have, not just on South Florida residents, but on the migration of people throughout the world.

S3E4: Ben Kirtman: Warming Oceans, Changing Weather

In this episode, we talk with Ben Kirtman, a world-renowned climate scientist and professor at the University of Miami. Talking with host Dania Toledo at his office at the Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric and Earth Science, Kirtman explains that even though we’ve had the hottest ocean temperatures on record, there are many reasons to feel hope for a livable future.

S3E3: Andrew Otazo: Protecting Miami's Mangroves

Andrew Otazo is a true Miami original. He’s an environmentalist, author and publicist who has advised Congress on Cuba. But he is best known for his grassroots campaign to remove over 20,000 pounds of trash from the mangroves around Miami. Host Dania Toledo talks to Otazo about Miami’s climate challenges, running a marathon with 30 pounds of mangrove trash, and dressing up as a croqueta.

S3E2: Ron Magill: Miami’s Renowned Animal Lover Takes Stand Against Water Park

Ron Magill, who has been a zookeeper and conservationist in Miami for over 40 years, discusses his opposition to the Miami Wilds water park project. House on Fire host Dania Toledo asks him about why he’s taking a stand against a development that could destroy the habitat of dozens of endangered species.

S3E1: Jane Gilbert: the World's First Heat Officer

In the midst of Miami’s hottest ever summer, House on Fire host Dania Toledo talks to the city’s—and the world’s—first Chief Heat Officer, Jane Gilbert. They discuss the importance of heat index, tree canopy, the urban heat island effect, and why heat is a “huge social justice issue.”


S2E14: Nayshma Jones: Empowering Resilient Women

In this episode, Katrina and Glennys meet with Nayshma Jones, The CLEO Institute’s Climate Resilience and Equity Manager to discuss tokenism during black history month and in the climate movement.  Nayshma will also be touching on climate justice issues and its connection to sea level rise and access to beaches, as well as important Black-led initiatives in Miami such as the Virginia Key movement and the work Nayshma is doing on the ground through the Empowering Resilient Women.

House on Fire Climate Change Podcast by The CLEO Institute

S2E13: House on Fire's Greatest Hits

Join Katrina and Glennys as they walk you through the greatest hits of House on Fire so far. This recap highlights the most inspiring and motivational moments with guest such as Chris Castro ( Chief of Staff for the Office of State and Community Energy Programs (SCEP), Mayor Daniella Levine Cava (Mayor of Miami Dade County), Matt Haggman (Vice President of Opportunity Miami), Varshini Prakash (Executive Director of The Sunrise Movement), Bill Weir (CNN Climate Correspondent), Hila the Killa (Eco Rapper) and more! Tune in to listen to climate efforts being made in the sunshine state and by our allies from all over the country.

S2E12 - Matt Haggman: Climate Tech Solutions - a Miami Plan

In this episode, Katrina Erwin and Glennys Navarrete interview local Miami innovator, Matt Haggman of Opportunity Miami. Matt breaks down his fascinating career and his success in technology and business innovation. Join the conversation as the three tap into the future of technology, how tech and businesses can focus on climate solutions, and career opportunities students should consider in the fight against climate change.

S2E11 - Eco Rapper Hila The Killa

In this episode, Katrina and Glennys meet with eco-rapper Hila Perry AKA Hila The Killa. The three young activists discuss creativity in the climate movement, their love for the outdoors, importance of local politics, and even plan a potential trip for Hila to hang out with the CLEO crew in Miami!

S2E10 - Chris Castro breaks down how the IRA can make Florida live up to its name: the Sunshine State.

In this episode, Glennys and Katrina catch up with Florida native and Chief of Staff for the Office of State and Community Energy Programs (SCEP) at the U.S. Department of Energy, Chris Castro. Chris uses is his background in local and federal government to discuss how the recent passing of the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Law and The Inflation Reduction Act can provide funding to promote climate action as well as programs Floridians can benefit from.

S2E9 - Influencers and Climate Advocacy: Guest Eli Rallo

This episode features an online influencer by the name of @TheJarr and the host of the Miss Congeniality podcast, Eli Rallo. This episode explores how Eli continues to use her platform to push for social justice as well as background in journalism, where she often covered climate change in her articles.

S2E8 - Adam Roberti and Nicole Gazo, The youth of ground zero

This episode features Adam Roberti (Climate Art Studio Manager and Activist) and Nicole Gazo (Climate Activist and GenCLEO campus organizer). Join us as we discuss the power of youth activists at ground zero and how the City of Miami’s government is continuing to greenwash themselves instead of taking collective climate action.

S2E7 - Selina Leem, The Youngest Speaker at COP21

This episode of House on Fire discusses the importance of artistic expression in climate activism and how young climate activists are so desperately trying to preserve the world they know and love. Hear from special guest speaker Selina Neirok Leem, the youngest delegate at the COP21 conference that adopted the Paris Agreement, and performer in the Pacific and Indian Ocean music and art group Small Island Big Song.

S2E6 - Women warriors for climate action

This episode of House on Fire discusses the power of women in the climate movement and how their work inspires them to protect those most at risk: their children. Hear from Thais Lopez Vogel, Co-founder and Trustee of the VoLo Foundation; Dawn Sherriffs, Florida Director of the Environmental Defense Fund; and Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director of the CLEO Institute.

S2E5 - The Power Of Young Minds - Laura Steighorst and XPRIZE.

This episode of House on Fire focuses on carbon capture research and technology with Laura Stieghorst, founder of Project BÁSICO. Laura and her team will conduct valuable research to prove the safety of ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE) for carbon capture.

S2E4 - A Peek Behind Oz’s Curtain - The Reality of the “Emerald City"

This episode of House on Fire focuses on “Smart Growth and Urban Planning” with our special guest—founder and chairman of sustainable real estate brokerage firm Metro 1, Tony Cho.


This episode of House On Fire focuses on Miami Dade County’s first ever female Mayor, Daniella Levine Cava and the work she is doing to protect the future of Miami.


This episode of House on Fire focuses on how climate change is hurting our health. Dr. Cheryl Holder, a Miami based physician and professor at Florida International University discusses the inequities she has seen through her time serving the Miami community.


This episode of House on Fire focuses on the importance of science communication in the climate movement. Dr. Katharine Anne Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist and professor of political science at Texas Tech University, shares best practices for speaking up about climate to family and friends,  and what she thinks the future will look like.




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