Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation Empower Local Municipalities to Contend for Climate Resiliency Infrastructure Funding

Raymer Maguire, The CLEO Institute

Miami – The Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation – in partnership with The CLEO Institute, and the Florida Race to Zero Campaign – will hold a workshop meeting today to discuss how federal funding opportunities can be utilized to enhance local resilience. The workshop provides municipal staff the opportunity to identify and begin grant applications to support climate-resilient infrastructure.

“Climate resiliency is the ability to diminish our vulnerability to, or recover from, extreme weather shocks such as floods and droughts. Florida residents are already experiencing the devastating and costly effects of climate change through sea level rise, hotter and longer heat waves, red tides, coral and seagrass die-offs, and more powerful hurricanes, like Hurricane Idalia in late August 2023, which cost the state over 447 million dollars in agricultural losses alone,” said Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director of The CLEO Institute.

“Miami is at the front lines for climate change. These effects are threatening public health and safety and the livelihoods of Floridians. The Miami-Dade Delegation is committed to helping our communities be future-ready in ways that safeguard their economy, its wildlife, and the health and well-being of all its residents,” said Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez, chair of the Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation (“Dade Delegation”).

“Our goal is singular; to ensure Miami-Dade communities lead and leverage the cutting edge intersection of climate resiliency, clean transportation, energy, and technological adaptation to lower our resident’s cost of living and improve their quality of life,” said Senator Alexis Calatayud. “The Miami-Dade Delegation works diligently every legislative session to fight for state investment to advance these aims. Today’s workshop convenes and empowers local leaders with the tools, information, and additional bandwidth to maximize their municipality’s capacity to leverage currently available infrastructure funding to improve the lives and livelihoods of Floridians.”

“Upgrading our state’s infrastructure and making it more resilient and sustainable is a shared priority of all policymakers in Florida,” said Franklin Coley, Senior Advisor to the Florida Race to Zero. “Our state’s communities continue to lead the way in pursuing collaborative approaches to enhance our resilience and sustainability, as well as achieving net-zero emissions. The Florida Race to Zero serves as a proud partner in this effort.”

The following people are available for interviews:

Senator Calatayud: 305-877-9828
Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez: 305-470-2552
Yoca Arditi-Rocha:305-450-4854

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