Richard Schumann

The week after I graduated from the CLEO Speakers Network training I traveled to Colorado to visit my mom while my sister was out of town. My mom lives in an assisted living facility in Longmont Colorado, and I was asked if I could give a presentation about climate change to the residents at the facility. The crowd was small but enthusiastic and I spoke for about an hour. They had many questions and, thankfully, I was able to answer all of them. They were very grateful to get information from someone who has a background in climate change as it was clear there is a lot of misinformation out there. I was glad to do it and happy for their interest on the subject.

I also gave that presentation to the Seminole County Extension and got approval to start offering the classes to area residents. I have been involved with the National Extension Climate Initiative group who help set the agenda for what the county Extension Services do. At a NECI Forum in April, I helped to get language into the position statement that we prepared for the National organizations such as the USDA which fund and direct the local offices, stating that education and outreach to the public about climate change should be a part of every County Extension Service’s offerings.

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