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RISE up and make a daily impact on Florida’s fight on climate change

It’s not too late to protect Florida’s beaches, coral reefs, and national parks for future generations. But the time for action is now. Will you RISE to the occasion with a monthly gift?

The climate crisis is a solvable crisis

Florida is on the frontline of rising temperatures, tides, and property insurance rates. You can be on the frontline of making climate action a priority for Florida voters and lawmakers alike.

When you join RISE, you’ll be joining a community of people who are passionate about our beautiful state and about helping to educate and empower communities on the climate crisis. Our mission? To create a safe, just, and healthy environment for all.

We can solve this. And we’re ready to give it everything we’ve got.

Despite the challenges ahead, we’re optimistic about Florida’s future

That’s because we believe in our individual and collective ability to influence change.

Since 2010, The CLEO Institute has worked tirelessly with a unique top-down, bottom-up approach to helping Florida—the state most vulnerable to increasingly extreme weather events—become more resilient through its biggest champions.

We also advocate for long-term equitable solutions that promote climate justice and empower marginalized communities, because social and environmental issues are inextricably linked.

Help sustainably fuel a movement

To make a meaningful impact on the climate crisis, we must all make a meaningful commitment to Florida’s future. 

When you join RISE and become a recurring donor, you’re not just helping us. You’re helping generations of Floridians protect their home.

Your gift will contribute to our efforts of:

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Mobilizing climate voters in Florida

In 2023 alone, we reached more than 18,000 Floridians and hosted 40+ advocacy events. We’ll continue to educate, unite, and engage concerned citizens

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Scaling the youth movement

Younger generations will be most impacted by the climate crisis. genCLEO programming educates and empowers youth to become advocates for the environment

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Urging corporations & decision-makers to act

Electing the right candidates matters. We’ll fight for concerned citizens to have a say in policies and help bring vital federal funding to Florida

Meet the next generation fighting for Florida

Neelam Patel is a passionate member of the genCLEO Youth Advocacy Movement, where she became a certified climate speaker. 

Alongside 100+ other students, Neelam advocated for bipartisan legislation to make it easier for schools to install solar panels. She also founded a Global Climate Literacy Program and designed curriculum strands to educate communities about climate change’s impact.

Neelam is hopeful about the future. And so are we.

RISE to the challenge and help protect Florida’s future

By becoming a monthly donor, you will belong to a committed group of individuals rising up to demand change. Join us today.

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