The CLEO Institute Condemns Removal of “Climate Change” from Public School Textbooks


Media Contact:
Jocelyn Mahone
Community Manager
(203) 554-8199

MIAMI – On Friday, July 5th, news broke that in June, Florida state officials informed textbook publishers of new approval guidelines for science textbooks. Going forward, in order to be approved for use in Florida public schools, authors must omit some references to climate change. Additionally, the state is requiring additional citations for claims that climate change is caused by “human activity”, and any calls for government action must be removed. 

This news followed the publication on Tuesday, July 2nd, of the Florida Department of Education’s list of approved textbooks for the coming school year. 

According to the published list, no textbooks are currently approved for high school environmental science. While climate change remains a part of Florida’s biology curriculum and has not been fully removed from biology textbooks, initial reports indicate that climate science has been largely removed from other textbooks, including chemistry texts. 

“Education is meant to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in an increasingly complex world,” says Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director of The CLEO Institute. “By omitting climate science, we are failing in our duty to provide a comprehensive and rigorous education. This decision places Florida’s students at a significant disadvantage compared to their peers in other states and nations where climate science is taught as part of standard curriculum.”

The CLEO Institute has sent a letter to Commissioner Manny Diaz expressing deep concerns about the impact of this decision on science education in Florida.

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