The CLEO Institute, in Collaboration with Students and Advocacy Organizations Across the State of Florida, Rally Together on the Global Day of Climate Action

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Friday, Sept 24th, 2021

The CLEO Institute, in Collaboration with Students and Advocacy Organizations Across the State of Florida, Rally Together on the Global Day of Climate Action

Florida — On Friday, September 24th, The CLEO Institute, and partner organizations are organizing a series of demonstrations in Miami, Tallahassee, Tampa, and Orlando as part of the Global Climate Day of Action. Climate advocates from all ages and backgrounds will gather at their local city halls and the Florida Capitol to demand immediate climate action from our elected officials. Based on the most recent IPCC Report from the global scientific community which UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called, a “Code Red for Humanity”, attendees will wear red to signify the urgency of action on the climate emergency.

Demonstrations will feature youth speakers who will share their personal stories and plead with policymakers to act on climate preemptively instead of waiting for a disaster to respond to. Advocates will call on those in the local, state, and federal governments to recognize the gravity of the moment and enact legislation to mitigate the climate emergency.

The CLEO Institute will be joined by 350 South Florida, League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, Catalyst Miami, Miami Climate Alliance, EDF Action, Parents for Future Miami, ReThink Energy Florida, Sunrise PHS, Farmworker Association of Florida, Mi Familia Vota, Fridays for Future Miami, The Climate Reality Project – Central Florida Chapter, the Environmental Service Program at FSU, We Count!, The Five Dollar Project, The Planetary Press, Foundation for Florida Environmental Protection, Captain A TV, and many others on this global effort.

“With Florida on the frontlines of climate impacts because of sea-level rise, extreme weather events, flooding, failing infrastructure, and more, pressing climate action is integral to our resilience. As we’ve seen in the past year, advocacy from local youth has resulted in local governments to begin adopting bold changes. Unapologetic civic participation is critical to climate action and our own future.”– Zelalem Adefris, VP Policy & Advocacy, Catalyst Miami

“Humans are to blame – full stop. It is unequivocal. It’s us. We must stop burning fossil fuels and act now! The climate crisis is here and we are feeling its impacts more and more every day. We are tired of waiting for our legislators to recognize the dire situation that we are in. The time for piecemeal efforts is in the past. We need comprehensive, equitable, and reformative action NOW.” – Charlotte Stuart-Tilley, Organizer – Fridays for Future Tallahassee

“The IPCC Report is a loud alarm to the world: We are in Code Red as we have seen in real time from the cataclysmic extreme weather events this past summer. The good news is, we have the solutions, but we must act now. The question remains: Will our elected leaders finally prioritize WE -the people- over the profits of the polluting industries that have caused this climate breakdown? – Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director – The CLEO Institute

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