The CLEO Institute Joins Over One Thousand Leaders Across the United States in Calling and Affirming Commitment to Global Climate Action on the Fifth Anniversary of the Paris Climate Accords

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Miami, FL– December 12th marks the five-year anniversary of the world coming together to sign on to the Paris Agreement to curb global warming pollution and rising temperatures. The CLEO Institute is joining over a thousand leaders from local governments, businesses, universities, and other institutions across the country as part of the “America Is All In” joint statement. 

This joint statement will be delivered to the incoming Biden-Harris administration, as well as to United Nations officials and global heads of state at the Climate Ambition Summit hosted by the United Kingdom, also on December 12th.

“As we look to recover from the dual public health and economic crises brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we also look to the looming threat of the climate crisis,” said Yoca Arditi-Rocha, CLEO’s Executive Director “This is a moment to call for ambitious warming pollution reduction goals, foster innovation, increase national security, and protect the health and well-being of present and future generations, especially the most vulnerable ones”.

The “America Is All In” declaration is organized by We Are Still In, a coalition in support of climate action and a pledge to uphold the United States’ commitments to reduce emissions under the Paris Agreement. With more than 3,900 organizations and institutions across all sectors of the United States, these leaders represent over half of the national population, nearly two-thirds of the economy, and more than half of the country’s emissions. While the United States officially exited the Paris Agreement on November 4th, the incoming Biden-Harris administration has committed to reentering the unprecedented global agreement.  Thus, we are calling on the President-Elect for more robust and ambitious goals to tackle the climate emergency.

In our commitment to addressing the climate crisis, we, at The CLEO Institute, ‘have always been in’ and welcome the opportunity for others to do their part to achieve these goals and push for bold climate action across the United States.” said Arditi-Rocha

“December 12th is more than an anniversary of an agreement, it represents a critical turning point for the future of U.S. and global climate action,” said Elan Strait, Director of US Climate Campaigns at World Wildlife Fund (WWF). “Nationally, we have stumbled in our leadership on climate action. But We Are Still In shows that there was a commitment to change in the United States that never faltered. Today’s statement from us at CLEO and hundreds like them across the country sends a clear message that moving forward, we need a unified national response to the climate crisis.”

To date, the new statement has been signed by Mayors and cities across the United States and Florida (Gainsville, Orlando, Boyton Beach and Miami Beach) as well as large companies like Amazon, Apple, Cargill, Carrier, Coca-Cola, Dow, DuPont, Facebook, LafargeHolcim, McDonald’s, Microsoft, PG&E, PSEG, Trane, Unilever, Walmart,  McDonald’s to name a few.

The Paris climate agreement is the  North Star in the world’s efforts to curb rising warming pollution. It is time to act and we need All America In!

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